Finally, Brussels

Hello to you all, after a long pause!

As the title of this post suggests, I write my first post from the city of Brussels:) Yes, I did move again!

The last weeks have been pretty busy and full of so many intense feelings about so many things. And also, to be totally honest, I was not in the mood to deal with my blog. Now though I thought it was a good idea to start posting again:) I have been living here for 10 days and I can’t wait to start taking photos to show you the city! The only problem is the weather: it is so rainy and moody!:( But I am sure I will get used to it… The following photos are taken inside my appartment, as outside it was heavily pouring rain!

Kisses to you all!<3

fur sweater Rococo, jeans Zara, ballerinas Marc Jacobs, nail vernis Chanel Paradoxal

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

Finally, Brussels

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30 Responses to Finally, Brussels

  1. Larissa says:

    Congratulations on you moving there, I’ve always wanted to know that city ! 🙂 By the way your Marc Jacobs ballerinas are gorgeous !

  2. Kimberly says:

    great photos so glad your back! love the outfit so pretty!

  3. Congratulations with your move! I went to Brussels last September and fell in love with Belgium overall, such a beautiful place with so much history!
    Can’t wait to relive those memories through your pictures to come 🙂

    Monochrome Magpie

  4. CottonCandyINK says:

    moving is fun! nice photos

  5. Call me M says:

    Para poli omorfes fwtografies! To neo sou diamerisma fainetai iperoxo!
    Kali arxi stis Brussels. Kai welcome back again! 🙂

  6. you look so pretty! love the outfit and your carpet!!!

  7. Anete says:

    Lovely outfit. I like your shoes

  8. sammie says:

    love those mouse flats 🙂


  9. Dominika says:

    Such a cute outfit! Congratulations on moving to Brussels, I hope you will have a wonderful time there 🙂

  10. paramitadana says:

    your top is so lovely sweet!;)

  11. Love your jumper! Looking forward to seeing photos of your new city 🙂

    Love, Vanilla

  12. Maiken says:

    it’s good to see you’re back 🙂
    this sweater looks so comfy and I really like your MJ flats. oh, and those bracelets are awesome too!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  13. miss b says:

    Those ballerinas are so pretty! Looking forward to your posts from Belgium.

  14. lippylash says:

    Welcome to belgium :). Did you move alone? For your job? Hope you enjoy it here! If you need any tips on what to do you can contact me 😉

  15. lucille says:

    Very pretty, amazing jumper and shoes!

  16. Johanna says:

    Beautiful look! 🙂 xoxo ♥

  17. despina says:

    love your style welcome back
    greedings from katerini 😉

  18. Lucija says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your vest!!


  19. Chezka says:

    Your furry sweater is so beautiful! Congrats on your move, and really love your simple yet interesting outfit!

    – Che

  20. lovely outfit ! loved your accessories and flats !!

    And hope the moving was smooth and calm ! Can’t wait to see the photos of the beautiful city ! Hope that stop raining a little bit !

    xoxo from Japan

  21. i love love love your flats!

  22. Thu says:

    What a great city to move to, hope the move went well. Your top is amazing, it looks gorgeous on you!

    Really enjoy your blog. I am your newest follower. Please visit my blog and follow me if you like it! Thanks 😉

  23. blue roses says:

    adore those studded flats, beautiful!

    welcome to brussels; sounds like a rad place to live.

  24. inggrid says:

    Nice photos! Very lovely outfit, dear! Keep be a fashion blogger, dear. Just visit my blog and follow me if you like.Thanks.

  25. Anastasia says:

    Xrysa sygxarhthria! Vruxelles 🙂
    prepei na einai wraia e?
    epishs fantastikes oi fotografies sou, spiti sou grafeio dn kserw ti einai alla akoma k auto exei apsogo style!
    kai h mplouza me tous wmous apeksw sou paei apisteuta 🙂

  26. Deerie says:

    Lovely outfit. ♥

  27. Quinn says:

    That top is so unique! It looks wonderfully cozy. I also adore your sweet mousey flats! So cute.

  28. Patricia Iglesias says:

    Hello Chrysa!! It’s nice to hear from you again!! Welcome back! You’ll see you’ll like Brussels despite the rain…

  29. oly says:

    this sweater is soooooooo nice on you!

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